About the Mat Club

Indee Mat Club Mission Statement

  1. To provide opportunities for the growth and development in the sport of wrestling.
  2. To promote and advance the sport of wrestling within the community through involvement, financial support, and a positive encouraging environment.
  3. To continue the tradition, build for the future, and keep wrestling pride alive.

The Indee Mat Club Program is here to provide opportunities for young athletes and build their character through teamwork, skill building and competition. Families involved with our wrestling program often say that Indee Wrestling is a family.

Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade wrestlers practice on specific week days during the months of December, January,  and February.  Ultimately our program feeds into the Independence High School Wrestling team.

Did You Know

Did you know Mat Club dues and fund raisers help support wrestling by helping to purchase, uniforms, singlet’s, practice clothing, posters, wrestling room updates (both High School and Middle School) and equipment. The mat club meets at 7pm the first Wednesday of the month, from September through May.